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Attic Insulation

When it comes to home renovation projects, attics are definitely not at the top of the sexy list.  They are however, one of the most valuable projects that a homeowner can undertake as they are an investment that will pay itself off quickly in terms of energy savings and comfort.  Below we have listed a few of the most important reasons to considerundertaking an attic upgrade.

  1. Saving Money:

It costs a lot of money to heat a house.  Attic insulation is important because heat rises and most of your heat can be lost through your attic.  If your attic has less than 12” of insulation, you should look at upgrading.  BC Hydro recommends that you have an R-50 rating which equates to approximately 18 inches of blown in fiberglass insulation.  The energy savings that are realized over 2 years will cover the cost of most upgrades.  

  1. Rebates:

With the price of power continually on the rise, finding ways to reduce power consumption and costs is at the top of most people’s to do lists.  Power consumption is also at the top of BC Hydro’s wish list believe it or not.  It costs more to generate new power than it does to incent homeowners to use less, so BC Hydro and Fortis often offer very meaningful rebates to conduct upgrades.  The current program (the Home Energy Rebate Offer) requires the homeowner to fill out one application form and typically returns between 30 and 50% of the total cost of the attic upgrade, with no requirement for audits etc.

  1. Insulation Materials/Products:

Insulation is usually blown into an attic, as it provides complete coverage and is the cheapest option.  The two most common blown in products are fiberglass and cellulose.  Cellulose is made up of approximately 75% recycled paper and is extremely dusty.  If it gets wet, it stays wet and although it has a fire retardant in it, it wears off over time and serious fires have resulted.  Fire investigators have warned of the consequences of using this type of insulation.  To read more go to:

For these reasons, Alpine prefers to use a high quality formaldehyde free fiberglass product that is a bit more expensive that is comprised of approximately 50% recycled material.  

  1. Comfort:

Well insulated houses retain heat, keeping a more constant temperature in colder months.  Substrates such as wood and stone will stay warmer longer in a well insulated home.  In the summer, your home will stay cooler by retaining colder air (from air conditioning or a heat pump) and will help to keep hotter air out.

  1. Ventilation:

It is essential that your attic is well ventilated in order to avoid moisture issues in your attic and to preserve the integrity of your roof.  While every attic is different and has different air patterns, there are certain activities that should be considered and or conducted whenever an upgrade is considered.  Our estimators and technicians will examine your ducting and venting and prescribe any work that is required in conjunction with an insulation upgrade.